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Barouk view Hotel

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Single room

80 $ / night

A cozy space for you alone or to spend some time with a loved one or a friend. This room has everything you need to sleep, entertain, and relax during your stay. It is the perfect place for working with a tranquil atmosphere.

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Junior Suite

180$/ night

An elegant refuge you can resort to with your family and friends to have some fun and spend some time close to nature,

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Royal Suite

220 $ / night

Enjoy the best of both worlds, having plenty of luxurious living space to spend time with your family or friends and restful space to enjoy some “you time”.


With its beautifully tailored, breathtakingly gorgeous, and memorable hospitality experience, Barouk View Hotel, is a luxurious hotel in Barouk-Mount Lebanon with gorgeous guestrooms and exquisite dining options.


Barouk Main Road, Barouk, El Chouf, Lebanon PHONE: +961 25 240 401 MOBILE: +961 81 967 722 Sales: Operation Manager: